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Learn what digital nomads do for a living. And how.

Digital nomads are people who travel the world while working at the same time. There are literally thousands of digital jobs right now. We sit with them and observe what they do on their computers and "translate" everything into a language that everyone can understand and learn.

Receive series of golden tiny lessons on digital nomads skills. Info on tutorials is also emailed. Each one could become your next career
Maika is a digital nomad who works online as a product description writer. 👇

She moved to Lisbon. Every morning she bikes to her favourite library and works from there (online).

We deconstructed her business. Then we did the same with Mario, Larry and Lucia who write powerful texts for internet.

We converted everything in an easy-to-follow tutorial so you can literally do the same (or similar).
It doesn't matter if you live in a tiny village (which would be awesome), or in Reykjavik, Vigo or Belgrade, after you read our tutorials, you will be able to use skills of real digital nomads to start your own thing.

Digital nomads are people who travel the world while working online.

And village nomads are people decided to live in a village while working online.
A logo of Sende, where Village nomads project was born

Built by Sende.

Hidden in the Spanish mountains, Sende is one of the oldest rural coworking and coliving spaces. Like village offices in the forest for people who work online.

In the past seven years, Sende has hosted over 3500 digital nomads from 56 countries who work online while traveling the world.

We from Sende are always asked about people who visit us and how they manage to travel the world while only working on their computers.

Because of this, we decided to build Village nomads. We sit with our guests to find out what they really do for a living and how they do it. 

We analyze in-depth the strategies and techniques they use.

Then we translate everything in simple language so you can do the same. 

F*ck borders

In the beginning, Village Nomads was meant to help people work online while living in villages.

However, many live in modern dictatorships and would like to move abroad and travel.

Countries like Portugal are now offering digital nomad visas for those who work online.

If you show that you work only while paying taxes in their country you are more than welcome to live here on the Atlantic Ocean.

Village nomads tutorials are already helping people from all over the world to change their careers and just move from the cities to villages, or move to another country while working online.

Our job is to teach what and how to work online.