Village nomads deconstruct jobs of digital nomads (for you)

All future tutorials will be emailed. Every tutorial could become your next career.
Maika is a digital nomad who works online as a product description writer. ๐Ÿ‘‡
She moved to Lisbon. Every morning she bikes to her favourite library and works from there (online).

We deconstructed the whole job of Maika. We did the same with Mario, Larry and Lucia who write powerful texts for internet.

Then we converted everything in an easy-to-follow tutorial so you can literally do the same (or similar).
It doesn't matter if you live in a tiny village (which would be awesome), or in Reykjavik, Vigo or Kiev, after you read our tutorials, you will be able to use skills of real digital nomads to start your own thing.

Digital nomads are people who travel the world while working online.

And village nomads are people who decided to live in a village while working online.
Logo of Sende, place where Village nomads was built

Village nomads is built in and by Sende in a tiny village in northern Spain.

Sende is one of the oldest coworking and coliving spaces in the countryside. Homes with offices for people who travel and work online.

This travellers are also known as digital nomads. On this mountain in Sende we hosted more than 3000 people in the last 7 years.

We think that so many people would like to work online and travel or stay in their village instead of moving to the city.

And this is possible if you work online. That's why we decided to deconstruct jobs of digital nomads. We sit with them and learn what exactly they would type in their computer to start their career from scratch.

Additional resources:

The original idea of Village nomads is to help people stay (or move) to villages while working online.

However, many people live in countries run by modern dictators and they would like to move abroad or travel. And when you work online, countries like Portugal are starting to provide digital nomad visas.

Others would just like to get hired (instead of starting something on their own) in a company that hires remotely (so you can work online).

That's why we prepared a list of useful resources and they will keep coming:ย 

Here is Edo from Sende.
This letter could make you rethink your future career completely. It could also change villages forever.
I am typing this under the vine shade from an idyllic village in Galician mountains.

On my right side there is a lemon tree. On my left I hear cowbells. In the distance I can see Portugal.
Yet, villages like this one are getting abandoned because people are leaving to find jobs in the cities.
Often, this doesn't help. So many people who live in the cities are stuck with their careers too.
I think we can help.

Have you heard about digital nomads (even though some of them don't like this name)?
These are people who are traveling the world while working online.ย 
Some nomads prefer to work from the mountains, jungles, and villages. This "kind" of nomads who like nature, are coming to work from our village in Sende.

It is a coliving and coworking space in the Spanish mountains (offices with accommodation for people who work online).
In the last 7 years we hosted thousands of people from more than 50 countries.
Even though the number of digital nomads is growing like crazy, so few people understands what actually these people do so to afford to travel the world.
And that's how "Village nomads" was born.

This program deconstructs businesses of digital nomads for you.
We literally sat down with them, and analyse their businesses in-depth.

Now you can do the same, because we will send you all steps.
For example, we set with Lidia from Buenos Aires to learn each step she did to start her own small business which sells backpacks produced in Brasil.

We analysed each steps Lidia took to start this online shop. Actually it's not a shop, it's a blog that sells backpacks.

Our job was to understand why her business works. How she writes, where does she promotes her blog, how she processes orders and how Lidia gets her cut etc.

Except writing two (fantastic)ย blogs per month, everything else is automated in her business. We will explain how to set it up (only once).
We note down every single step, then we teach these steps in an easy to follow tutorial. (In this case, Lidia just sells backpacks, which are not even hers).
This business idea is just one of hundreds (if you don't like selling backpacks, or writing, maybe you like photography, or music, or cars...).
And all of these ideas are started by people who are not famous. They don't have any special "computer" skills. Neither followers.
But they all discovered what is needed in the market, and how to offer it for a price.

And there is plenty of room for you too, to do the same.
You are about to find out everything they know (and do).

I don't want to say that it's easy to start the same thing. We are deconstructing real jobs and businesses.ย They requiere work.
We are calling this program "Village nomads", because many people would like to stay in their villages and hometowns, but they are forced to leave because they need a job.

Today if you have internet access and one of these jobs or businesses, you can choose where to work from.

This program will help villages from all over the world to get this "new education" which can help their inhabitants stay and work online.ย 

While others will decide to travel the world, like digital nomads.

We strongly believe that if we "fix" jobs in rural, we can keep the countryside alive.
We have spent the last 7 years with digital nomads.

We cooked together, dined together and relaxed together. Now we want to tell you what these people did (professionally), so you can do the same.
I really hope that you will put in action at least one of these tutorials.

Actually only one is just enough.

Edo Sadikovic
P.S. Village nomads is not just about starting a biz. You will also find information about companies who are hiring people to work online or even how to build a a rural coliving space, like Sende.
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